If you're in the military and stationed in the Norfolk, VA area...

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...Come join our extended "family!"

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I'm John Wagner. I'm a retired Navy chaplain. My wife is Yvonne. We live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and together we minister to military men and women stationed in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area. We try to help you alieviate feelings of loneliness, boredom, stress, and homesickness by providing a safe, comfortable, home and family environment where you can get away from your ship or base and back into a real home for a few hours each week.

Our desire is to become friends, and develop close personal relationships by having fun together, eating together, worshipping and studying the Bible together. Basically, being a surrogate family for you while you're away from your own family.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in..."

Matthew 25:35-36

If you're stationed here, or are about to be stationed here, check out the things we do; and if you like what you see, and want to participate in our activities, contact us by clicking here to let us know, and then come join our "extended family." There's no charge for the activities or the food.

Our military ministry is an outreach of Azalea Garden Church. If you're in the military you are welcome to participate in our activities regardless of your church affiliation, or even if you have no church affiliation. A young sailor asked me straight out one time if he could come and participate in our activities even though he was not a Christian and I said, "Of course!"

We like to tell people the first time they come over to the house they are a guest. If they come back again they become part of our "family" :)

We provide transportation to and from the military bases in the area if you need it.

Click on one of the four pictures to learn more about our activities.


Saturday Activities


Sunday Dinners


Special Events

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Bible Studies

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If you're not stationed in the Norfolk, VA area...

You can still become part of our virtual "extended family"

If you are on deployment or are stationed in other parts of the country or overseas and have questions about faith, God, Jesus Christ, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, or Christianity in general, there are several new interactive e-Learning Bible study courses that you can take here. All of our articles and courses are intended to make you think as you study the Bible. But there's even a fun interactive game to teach you about the baptism with the Holy Spirit. I'll be happy to talk with you about any of the issues that are raised in the courses. Just click on the "contact us" button in the navigation bar at the left and email me. I'll do my best to help answer your questions.



If you're new to the Christian life click on Jesus and check out our Bible study lessons designed to answer questions like, "What happened to me?" or, "What do I do now?" "Why Should I Be Water Baptized?" is one of our new e-Learning courses.

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If you want to learn how to become a Christian, click on the "Four Spiritual Laws" pamphlet above.



Every Christian can receive divine power to be a witness for Jesus Christ through the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Click on the dove to learn more. Several of the lessons are e-Learning courses. There's even a game to help you learn about the baptism with the Holy Spirit!



Every Christian who has experienced the love of Jesus Christ will want to share their experience with friends and family. Click on the couple to learn how through twelve practical lessons...

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Audio Bible Studies and Sermons



Are you interested in studying the book of Genesis? Click here to listen to our weekly classes.



Are you interested in studying the book of Revelation? Click here to listen to our weekly classes.

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Coming soon...

Yvonne's Recipes!

Do you remember our Sunday afternoon dinners?

The home made bread? The delicious desserts?

They will all be here...

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"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us."

1 Thessalonians 2:8